There has to be a first time.

The first time you hear the name Sinatra.

But can you even remember it? Hasn’t that name always been in your mind? His music, his attitude, his swagger. It’s always been there.

Frank Sinatra. Even if you know nothing about him, you know his name and likely a song or two.

My Way.

New York, New York.

Those are gimmes. They’re practically caricatures of songs. They were likely the first ones that truly resonated in my consciousness. And they were the first Sinatra I bought, on 45 rpm records.

But they weren’t the last. Not by a long shot.

What about you? What are your first memories of Frank Sinatra? What was the first song of his that made an impression on your mind?

It’s one month until Sinatra’s 100th birthday. Let’s take a month to celebrate.

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